By The Numbers: The Worst Bitcoin Bear Markets Ever

By The Numbers: The Worst Bitcoin Bear Markets Ever

Bitcoin is now officially in another bear market after the crash that rocked the market last week. After falling more than 70% from its all-time high, investors across the space had started to retreat from the digital asset due to this new price trend. However, trends like these are not new for bitcoin. Although the present market may seem worse than previous ones due to it still ongoing, there have been some brutal bear markets in the past.

A Blast From The Past

It can often be helpful to take a look at the previous market cycles for bitcoin to see that this is nothing out of the ordinary. Yes, the bull and bear trends of this market have deviated from what has been recorded in history but it still remains very similar to what has been recorded in the past.

For bitcoin, the alternation between bear and bull markets has always been part of the experience. It has been through several of these boom-bust ..

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