Burnout adds to cyber talent crisis, forcing bosses to get creative with hiring

Written by Oct 19, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP

Outdated hiring practices in the cybersecurity sector aren’t as easy to ignore as they once were.

While organizations have sought to fill security-related roles — there are nearly 900,000 open positions in the U.S. alone, by one 2020 count — existing professionals have spent nearly two years adjusting to widespread remote work, fending off hackers while balancing family responsibilities amid a pandemic that killed more than 700,000 Americans. Meanwhile, attackers have tightened their focus on critical infrastructure in the U.S., extorting hospitals and schools at a rate that leads to feelings of exhaustion more often than hope.

The situation is forcing organizations to re-examine their recruiting strategies in a way that aims to expand the talent pool and support existing employees, according to Mari Galloway, CEO and founding board member of Women’s Society of CyberJutsu, a nonprofit dedicated to building awareness about career opportunities

“I have burnout moments probably every quarter where I think ‘I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to do this anymore,’’” she said during an appearance at CyberWeek, an event produced by Scoop News Group.

“Burnout comes from a sense of your hair always being on fire,” she added. “You’re trying to be reactive to every single thing, rather than being proactive. But it can be dangerous, especially if you have a family or other obligations.”

An unmanageable workload is a leading cause of burnout in co ..

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