Building Cybersecurity KPIs for Business Leaders and Stakeholders

Building Cybersecurity KPIs for Business Leaders and Stakeholders

In the final part of our “Hackers 're Gonna Hack” series, we’re discussing how to bring together parts one and two of operationalising cybersecurity together into an overall strategy for your organisation, measured by key performance indicators (KPIs).

In part one, we spoke about the problem, which is the increasing cost (and risk) of cybersecurity, and proposed some solutions for making your budget go further.

In part two, we spoke about the foundational components of a target operating model and what that could look like for your business. In the third installment of our webinar series, we summarise the foundational elements required to keep pace with the changing threat landscape. In this talk, Jason Hart, Rapid7’s Chief Technology Officer for EMEA, discussed how to facilitate a move to a targeted operational model from your current operating model, one that is understood by all and leveraging KPIs the entire business will understand.

First, determine your current operating model

With senior stakeholders looking to you to help them understand risk and exposure, now is the time to highlight what you're trying to achieve through your cybersecurity efforts. However, the reality is that most organisations have no granular visibility of their current operating model or even their approach to cybersecurity. A significant amount of money is likely being spent on deployment of technology across the organisation, which in turn garners a large amount of complex data. Yet, for the most part, security leaders find it hard to translate that data into something meaningful for their bu ..

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