BrandPost: Using AI to Level the Cyber Playing Field

BrandPost:  Using AI to Level the Cyber Playing Field

Imagine what you would have done differently in your network if you could have just seen a few years into the future. Would you have been quicker to embrace the cloud? What about the time and money spent on technologies that you now don’t really use? Every wiring closet has a number of expensive “boat anchors” sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. Of course, if your organization has ever been the victim of a serious breach, it’s easy to guess how you may have prepared differently for that.

Predicting the FutureThe truth is, that last one isn’t really just wishful thinking. Cybersecurity professionals, myself included, have been warning organizations about the threats just around the corner for years. Some requires years of experience to understand threat actor trends and malware trajectories. But others just stare you in the face. For example, much of the recent success of the cybercriminal community has been due to their ability to successfully exploit the expanding attack surface and the resulting security gaps resulting from digital transformation that are not being properly closed. This shouldn’t be news to anyone.

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