Belfast firm urges shoppers to be cyber security aware this Black Friday - Belfast News Letter

Belfast firm urges shoppers to be cyber security aware this Black Friday - Belfast News Letter

As Black Friday approaches, Belfast software firm, Liberty IT, is urging Northern Ireland to be more cyber security aware.

The Office for National Statistics recently revealed that there were 2.7million incidences of cyber-related fraud targeting organisations and private individuals in the 12 months to March 2022 and Liberty IT director of engineering, Simon Cowan, is urging local businesses and shoppers to take extra steps to protect their details.

He said: “Fraudsters and criminal gangs are creating ever more sophisticated ways for people to inadvertently share information. They are leveraging current news stories, for example the current cost of living crisis and the fuel and heat allowance, as they know people are anxious about both, they then play on this anxiety and unfortunately people let their guard down and this is when their details are stolen.

“Thieves are using a variety of phishing methods to steal personal information – the most common are email, text and calls, and these people are smart in their efforts. You could receive an email or a text that may seem like it’s from a company you are familiar with and if you click on the link it will start taking you down a path looking for address, personal identifiable information and/or bank accounts. By completing, what looks like an email from a trusted retailer, you are handing over this information to scammers.

“Or you might receive a call which can usually be without caller ID, although more frequently these calls are now showing a caller ID as this helps to bring more authenticity. The calls are well rehearsed to mimic a customer service call. If in any doubt, call them directly to verify the ask is legit.

“It is more important than ever to be extra cautio ..

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