Babuk Ransomware Leaks Personal Data of Metropolitan Police Officers

Babuk Ransomware Leaks Personal Data of Metropolitan Police Officers

In an attempt to extort the department into paying a ransom to stop further leaks, the Babuk ransomware gang recently released the personal data of several Metropolitan Police Department officers.

This action comes after on April 27th the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed they suffered a cyberattack after Babuk leaked screenshots of stolen information.

The ransomware gang posted screenshots of various folders supposedly stolen in the attack, with the folder names looking like they are containing a lot of files related to operations, disciplinary records, and files related to gang members and ‘crews’ operating in DC.

Babuk threatened that if MPD will not be in contact with them in three days’ time, they will start contacting gangs to warn them of police informants.

The threat actors claimed that the police offered money to prevent them from leaking the files, but the offer wasn’t what they’ve asked for. According to AP News, the gang asked for $4 million and received a counter-offer of $100,000.

Since the ransom was not paid, the group leaked internal police files, including background investigations on police officers. Among the exposed data there were psychological evaluations, polygraph answers, fingerprints, supervisor interviews, home addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, personal emails, phone numbers, driver’s licenses, financial details, and handwritten signatures.

Images Source: VICE

Babuk is a new ransomware threat discovered in 2021 that has impacted several big organizations and works by the modus operan ..

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