Avast’s Omni Is Among Best CES Items Showcased in NYC Sneak Peak | Avast

Avast’s Omni Is Among Best CES Items Showcased in NYC Sneak Peak | Avast
Avast Blog, 15 November 2019

Take a sneak peek at the Consumer Electronics Show’s best devices, and the award-winning network security system that can keep them all safe

If you like to follow what’s new in tech, you know that the Consumer Electronics Show held each January in Las Vegas is where the latest gadgets, smart devices, handhelds, and AR/VR tech make their debut. But before Vegas, media and analysts are given a sneak peek at the most exciting of this year’s products at CES Unveiled in New York.
Cybersecurity today must figure out how to address the vulnerabilities of all the latest “smart” devices, and The Avast Blog was lucky enough to be there and see the smart home products that will be the talk of Vegas next year. Here are a few of the most notable:

Digital health assistant Pria checks in on you so you don’t forget to check in on yourself. Like a Big Hero 6 without the marshmallowy body, Pria lives in your home and helps you keep track of medication regimens by dispensing medications according to your programmed schedule. Pria asked me about my water intake, my mood, and my exercise goals for the day before promising to dispense me a green Skittle as “medicine.” For people with chronic health conditions, complex medication schedules or limited mobility, Pria offers reminders, relevant information, and a smiling digital face.
While the Pria is offered by well-known consumer brand Black & Decker, it’s always important to think about the information th ..