August 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Echobot Launches Widespread Attack Against IoT Devices

August 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Echobot Launches Widespread Attack Against IoT Devices

Check Point’s researchers also report the Emotet botnet has been reactivated

Check Point Research has published its latest Global Threat Index for August 2019. The Research team is warning organizations of a new variant of the Mirai IoT Botnet, Echobot, which has launched widespread attacks against a range of IoT devices. First seen in May 2019, Echobot has exploited over 50 different vulnerabilities, causing a sharp rise in the ‘Command Injection Over HTTP’ vulnerability and impacted 34% of organizations globally.

August has also seen the Emotet botnet’s offensive infrastructure becoming active again, after it shut down its services two months ago. Emotet was the biggest botnet operating in the first half of 2019.  Although no major campaigns have been observed as yet, it is likely that it will be used to start spam campaigns soon.

“Echobot was first seen in mid-May, and as a new variant of the notorious Mirai IoT Botnet it’s important to note the sharp increase in exploitations, as it is now targeting over 50 different vulnerabilities. Echobot has impacted 34% of companies around the world, which shows how vital it is for organizations to ensure all patches and updates for their networks, software and IoT devices are applied,” said Maya Horowitz, Director, Threat Intelligence & Research, Products at Check Point.

August 2019’s Top 3 ‘Most Wanted’ Malware:

*The arrows relate to the change in rank compared to the previous month.

This month XMRig keeps leading the top malware list, followed by Jsecoin, both with a global impact of 7%. Dorkbot is in the third place, impacting 6% of organizations worldwide.

  • ↔ XMRig– XMRig is an open-source CPU mining software used for the mining process of the Monero cryptocurrency, first seen in-the-wild on May 2017.

  • ↔ Jsecoin – Jsecoin is JavaScript miner that can be embedded in websites ..