Apple Privacy Update And Advertisers | Avast

Apple Privacy Update And Advertisers | Avast
David Strom, 4 May 2021

Digital ad vendors need to learn new ways to target campaigns

Last week, we described the privacy changes happening within Apple’s iOS 14.5. Now, in this post, we'll be presenting the advertiser’s perspective of the situation at hand. While advertisers may think the sky is falling, the full-on Chicken Little scenario might not be happening. The changes will make it harder – but not impossible – for advertisers to track users’ habits and target ads to their devices.
As we mentioned in our previous post, the new operating system enables users to block Apple’s ID for Advertisers (IDFA) tags as well as require that apps ask for permissions to collect and share data. Ars Technica documents the volleys between Apple and Facebook earlier this year over this issue.
Laura Petrone, a senior analyst for GlobalData, says, “Apple's changes deal a heavy blow to targeted advertising, which is the main revenue source for the advertising industry.” While this is true, perhaps the changes aren’t so catastrophic. After all, advertisers have been moving away from older technologies, such as browser canvas fingerprinting and tracking pixels and cookies, for some time now.
In the EU, GDPR regulations have also motivated many app vendors to be more transparent about their tracking. The regulations have resulted in fines ..

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