Apple Glass may feature 3D Audio and Self-Cleaning in new patent

Apple Glass may feature 3D Audio and Self-Cleaning in new patent

Apple has applied for another patent that explained Apple Glass would have an automatic cleaning function called self-cleaning or opticals, titled Particle Control for Head-Mountable Device.”

Apple’s AR glasses have remained a constant source of speculation for many years. The company applied for patents as far back as 2015 and 2017. However, even today, we have very few details to share on Apple’s promising new wearable.

Apple Adds New Features in its Ambitious AR Wearable

In 2019, it seemed like Apple’s ambitious AR eyewear project will see the light of the day, but it’s still in the developmental phase.

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Reportedly, Apple has applied for two new patents for AR eyewear, which indicates it will have ground-breaking new technology such as it will be able to notify the wearer of sounds outside of their field of hearing.

This means it will direct the user to a sound’s origin that they may not be able to wear. The patent application is credited to 5 investors, which includes Ivan S. Maric.

Apple Glass to have 3D Audio.

Apple’s new patent application is titled “Audio-Based Feedback for [a] Head-Mountable Device.” It suggests that the Apple Glass will feature multiple microphones in various positions. Their purpose will be to capture, and process sounds from numerous directions.

Apart from detecting faraway ..