Anomali Cyber Watch: Moshen Dragon Abused Anti-Virus Software, Raspberry Robin Worm Jumps from USB, UNC3524 Uses Internet-of-Things to Steal Emails, and More

The various threat intelligence stories in this iteration of the Anomali Cyber Watch discuss the following topics: APT, Cyberespionage, Phishing, Ransomware, Sideloading, and Ukraine. The IOCs related to these stories are attached to Anomali Cyber Watch and can be used to check your logs for potential malicious activity.

Figure 1 - IOC Summary Charts. These charts summarize the IOCs attached to this magazine and provide a glimpse of the threats discussed.

Trending Cyber News and Threat Intelligence

Attackers Are Attempting to Exploit Critical F5 BIG-IP RCE

(published: May 9, 2022)

CVE-2022-1388, a critical remote code execution vulnerability affecting F5 BIG-IP multi-purpose networking devices/modules, was made public on May 4, 2022. It is of high severity (CVSSv3 score is 9.8). By May 6, 2022, multiple researchers have developed proof-of concept (PoC) exploits for CVE-2022-1388. The first in-the-wild exploitation attempts were reported on May 8, 2022.Analyst Comment: Update your vulnerable F5 BIG-IP versions 13.x and higher. BIG-IP 11.x and 12.x will not be fixed, but temporary mitigations available: block iControl REST access through the self IP address and through the management interface, modify the BIG-IP httpd configuration.MITRE ATT&CK: [MITRE ATT&CK] Exploit Public-Facing Application - T1190Tags: CVE-2022-1388, F5, Vulnerability, Remote code execution, Missing authentication

Mobile Subscription Trojans and Their Little Tricks

(published: May 6, 2022)

Kaspersky researchers analyzed five Android trojans that are secretly subscribing users to paid services. Jocker trojan operators add malicious code to legitimate apps and re-upload them to Google Store ..

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