An agile national vision - JP Fabri and Nicky Gouder

An agile national vision - JP Fabri and Nicky Gouder

Crises mark transitions and turning points. And it is exactly at these turning points that crises are productive. This is the moment when we can remove the aftertaste of catastrophe and use it as a ‘decisive turning point’, as per the meaning of the Greek word krisis. This is our belief too.

We believe, more than ever, that this is the right time to define our future. As Seed, we published Agile, an economic report outlining a future vision for Malta based on a broad stakeholder consultation.

As Malta prepares for the government’s post COVID-19 stimulus package, we wanted to share the underpinnings of what we believe should be our long-run response to the crisis.

The foundational elements

The first element is surely values. This vision must be rooted to our national identity which draws strength from a key set of values. Our future vision needs to be anchored around the values of solidarity, sustainability, integrity, accountability and subsidiarity amongst others. This stage definitely calls for a debate on our contemporary national identity.

Secondly, institutional quality. Prior to COVID-19, Malta was focused and engaged in a national debate to strengthen its institutional quality and rule of law.

A debate on the broader sense of governance needs to be held in parallel to the Constitutional Convention being spearheaded by the President as well as important reforms as indicated by MoneyVal and the Venice Commission need to be implemented.

Key enablers

Our research and consultation identified three key enablers. First, we need to ensure a broad stakeholder approach. Going forward, we recommend that a social pact is drawn up to ensure that all stakeholders come together to implement the agreed vision. There needs to be a g ..