Acer under fire: Now hackers claim to have hit Acer Taiwan, too

DESORDEN threat actors are still going after Acer, it seems.  In addition to their recent revelation that they exfiltrated 60 GB of data from Acer India — a breach that Acer confirmed — they have alerted that they have also successfully attacked Acer in Taiwan.  In a statement to, the threat actors write:

To prove our point that Acer is way behind in its cyber security effects on protecting its data and is a global network of vulnerable servers. We have hacked and breached Acer Taiwan server, storing data on its employee and product information.

As proof of claim, they provided links to some data, including a file that does appear to be Acer Taiwan employee data.

DESORDEN claims that they did not steal all data, and “only took data pertaining to their employee details.”

Image: Some of the alleged employee data from Acer Taiwan, redacted by

“Right after the breach, we informed Acer management on the Taiwan server breach and Acer has since taken the affected server offline,” they added. has reached out to Acer Taiwan for comment, but did not receive an immediate reply.  This site has also asked DESORDEN to clarify what their actual goal is with respect to Acer and how much ransom they have been demanding.

DESORDEN’s message ended with a somewhat ominous note for Acer:

Also,  a few other of its global networks including Malaysia and Indonesia servers are vulnerable too.

This post will be updated when a reply is received from Acer Taiwan. In the meantime, DESORDEN also posted their claims to a popular forum for trading, sharing, and selling data.

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