97% of Americans Can't Ace a Basic Security Test

97% of Americans Can't Ace a Basic Security Test
Still, a new Google study uncovers a bit of good news, too.

The majority of people believe they are more proficient in online security than they actually are.

According to a March study of more than 2,000 US adults conducted by the Harris Poll for Google, while 55% of Americans 16 years and above give themselves an A or a B in online security, 97% got at least one question wrong on a basic, six-question security test. The test asked people to identity whether links without https were OK or to identify links with bad characters.

"On a more positive note, website growth is on the rise, with 48% saying they plan to create a website in the future," says Stephanie Duchesneau, program manager of the Google Registry. "That's a doubling of the number of online creators, which is a good sign."

Frank Dickson, research vice president ..