7 Games Like WeeWorld

Games like WeeWorld let you create your very own online avatar and even socialize with individuals from all across the globe. Much like the title that’s shining in the spotlight here, the options also provide a virtual world where you can indulge in different fun activities, play games and even make a ton of new friends. Here you can escape from the real world and enter a virtual one where you’re in charge of things. You can dress up in the latest treads and even decorate your own online space just the way you want.

1 – Habbo:

Welcome to an online hotel environment that allows you to check-in with a virtual avatar. There are loads of guest and public rooms to take advantage of here. You can even unleash your creativity in your own personal space by decorating it with different virtual objects of your choice. Some of the other things you can do include chatting with newfound friends, throwing crazy parties, engaging in fun activities, completing quests and earning badges.

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Aimed at youngsters aged 13 and above, Habbo also lets you adopt a furry companion. And although it’s free to play, you can procure premium objects and club subscriptions by shelling out a tiny sum of money.

2 – Meez:

This entrant in our games similar to WeeWorld roster provides you refuge from your daily activities through various chill zones like Chillville, Dockyards, Posh Heights, Burbia, Arcadia, Hell’s Kitchen, Uptown and Outlandia, to name a few. You can step in and explore all these places as well as dress up in the la ..