6 Tips to Integrate Security into Agile Application Development

6 Tips to Integrate Security into Agile Application Development

The fast and innovative nature of modern business requires enterprises to become competitive and disrupt their markets. The best way to do that is to incorporate agile methodologies into operational processes. Software development is a business function transformed by agile methodologies.

Agile Software Development Benefits Businesses

Agile software development is the method of developing high-quality software solutions, web applications and mobile applications, where the requirements and implementations evolve through the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams and their customers. Agile software development focuses on continuous software delivery and requires change even in late development stages.

Businesses benefit from agile software development methodologies in various ways:

Faster development and time to market
High-quality products
Enhanced project management
Reduction of risks
Increased customer experience and satisfaction

Security is Often an Afterthought

Agile development is embraced by many businesses as an efficient way to deliver flawless software, as opposed to traditional waterfall methodologies. However, many organizations fail to integrate security controls into the software lifecycle. Two predominate factors for why security is an afterthought are the following:

Lack of Tangible Security Requirements

Security is considered as a non-functional requirement related to the state of the application or the product, rather than to the functional goals of the system. User requirements usually follow a structure like “As a (user), I need/want (some desire/goal) so that (reason for desire/goal)”. User requirements are fabricated into a story with a reasoning so that developers can design and implement the interaction real people will have with the application. These requirements are mostly centered around an enhanced user experience and guide the application planning and development. However, most ..