4 Principles of Modern Endpoint Protection (You Must Employ)

4 Principles of Modern Endpoint Protection (You Must Employ)

Modern endpoint protection occupies a unique space in the cybersecurity conversation. It’s perhaps the most famous and most prominent aspect of enterprise-level cybersecurity, yet it can be dismissed as less important than SIEM and identity management. Enterprises look to endpoint security to secure their IT security perimeter, yet no perimeter is 100% effective at preventing digital threats.

Having a modern endpoint protection solution is vital to helping your enterprise achieve its full potential. After all, digital transformation is an enticing process of optimized business processes and smoother communications between employees and customers. At the same time, it can open up new attack vectors in your IT security perimeter.     

So your modern endpoint protection can’t be an afterthought. Here are four principles you need to remember to get the most out of your solution:

Watch Out For Security Holes

As your enterprise goes through cloud adoption or starts deploying the Internet of Things, your IT security perimeter will stretch and expand…possibly to the point of tearing. The fact is that legacy endpoint security solutions just aren’t equipped to handle cloud-based enterprise architectures—and the IoT is notorious for its inherently lax security measures and how difficult it can be to update. Only modern endpoint protection solutions can close both holes and bring your enterprise’s perimeter as close to 100% as possible.

New Threats Require New Solutions…But Old Threats Persist

Long gone are the days when you could install an antivirus solution on your corporate endpoints and no longer have to worry about hackers. The most they could do then was install a trojan or flood your browser with ads—m ..