3 Tips to a Holistic Online Security Approach

3 Tips to a Holistic Online Security Approach

Cybersecurity is often used as a blanket term to address online safety. Cybersecurity can refer to the software used to protect your devices, but it can also refer to the processes you put in place to protect yourself from online threats. Whether you’re implementing best practices, building awareness of security threats, or installing security software, taking a holistic approach to online security is crucial to remain secure and protected at all times. 

Here are three tips for a holistic online security approach. 

1. Safeguard Your Privacy Starting With Your Devices 

Efficient online protection ultimately begins with you, the end-user, and the steps you take to secure your devices.  

The first step to ensure your device is secure is never to leave it unattended. Whether you’re at the grocery store or at home, always keep an eye on your devices. All it takes is a few minutes for someone to steal them or for kids to click on a malicious link while your attention is diverted. Make sure you have a contingency plan in case your device is compromised. For example, if someone steals your device, wipe the information on the device remotely. Revert it to the factory setting, so the thief can’t access your personal information. Regularly back up your data in the event of a lost or compromised device to ensure you retain important documents.  

In some instances, you can also recover deleted files at any time given the right tools. Regularly shred unwanted documents for the files that you want permanently deleted. Install security measures across all devices and your networks to protect your data and privacy. Always lock your device before stepping away and layer your device security with multi-factor authentication to ensure you are the only one who can access your sensitive i ..

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