2021 and Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

2021 and Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

2020 might have brought most activities to a standstill, but not cybersecurity threats. If anything, 2020 saw an increase in cybersecurity threats as criminals found new ways to take advantage of vulnerabilities and infiltrate business systems.

Developments in COVID-19, which forced workers into remote work, further worsened these attacks. Cybercriminals took advantage of the increasing dependence on technology and limited training and preparation to launch a series of attacks.

2021 has had a positive start for businesses with the distribution of coronavirus vaccines and the possibility of workers returning to the office. But as these businesses adjust to remote work and increase their reliance on technology and cloud-based solutions, they also have to be aware of the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and find ways to protect their networks and data.

Here are some of the emerging cybersecurity threats of 2021 and some steps you can take to keep the organization safe:

Evolving Threats

What seems clear is that known cyber threats, including Trojans, ransomware, and phishing will remain on the rise. These threats, however, are evolving, with criminals shaping their attacks around current events.

For example, phishing attacks targeting events around the coronavirus are expected to rise. Some of the factors behind the growth of these attacks include:

Attacks targeting current events gain people’s interest and attention instantly
Most people are still adjusting to using different work from home tools.

Phishing at ..