1Password Secrets Automation helps businesses secure and manage secrets - Help Net Security

1Password Secrets Automation helps businesses secure and manage secrets - Help Net Security

1Password launched Secrets Automation, a new way to easily secure, manage and orchestrate the rapidly expanding infrastructure secrets required in a modern enterprise.

Secrets such as corporate credentials, API tokens, keys and certificates can number in the hundreds for midsize businesses and many thousands for enterprises.

This scale and complexity lead to huge security risks. In addition to the new product launch, 1Password also completed the acquisition of SecretHub, a secrets management company that protects nearly 5 million enterprise secrets a month.

The SecretHub team and CEO Marc Mackenbach will join the 1Password immediately, adding expertise and engineers to accelerate the 1Password Secrets Automation roadmap.

1Password Secrets Automation launches with a host of partnerships and integrations that will make it easy for developers and DevOps teams to integrate with the mission-critical tools and libraries they already use.

1Password is the first line of defense for more than 80,000 businesses worldwide protecting their employees, customers and intellectual property by securing passwords, financial details and other sensitive information.

Today’s launch and SecretHub acquisition signal a major expansion of 1Password, helping enterprises secure their infrastructure and machine-to-machine secrets alongside their human passwords.

“Companies need to protect their infrastructure secrets as much as their employees’ passwords,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password.

“With 1Password and Secrets Automation, there is a single source of truth to secure, manage and orchestrate all of your business secrets. We are the first company to bring both human and machine secrets together in a significant and easy-to-use way.”

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